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BAYADA Habilitation

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Helping those with special needs to live more independently

BAYADA Habilitation is an accredited program that helps clients with intellectual and developmental disabilities to live safely at home and participate in their communities with comfort, independence, and dignity. This specialty program serves clients in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Hawaii who have autism spectrum disorders, intellectual and developmental disabilities, cerebral palsy, and other developmental disabilities.

While many of the services we provide involve personal care assistance, what sets BAYADA apart is our focus on community integration. Our approach to habilitation involves teaching clients to do things for themselves — like brushing their teeth, managing money, shopping for personal items. Together, we help our clients to live more independently and safely at home and in the community, while offering periodic relief for family members and caregivers through respite services. TheCommission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities International (CARF) has validated our efforts in community integration, respite, and personal support services.

The purpose of the BAYADA Habilitation Strategic Plan is to set a foundational strategy in order to achieve, sustain, and advance the purpose of BAYADA Habilitation - a specialty practice of BAYADA Home Health Care, Inc.

To take into account the expectations of our clients and other stakeholders, the Strategic Plan was guided by input, primarily through satisfaction surveys, from our clients and their families, our employees, and other interested/relevant stakeholders. In addition to this input, the Strategic Plan was developed with consideration of relevant business, environmental, and other factors in order for us to take advantage of strengths and opportunities and also to address weaknesses and potential threats.

This Strategic Plan is reviewed regularly by the Habilitation Practice Committee to ensure that it remains relevant; updates are made as warranted. A formal review of the plan, to include a status report on the progress of identified objectives, is completed annually and reported to the Habilitation Practice Committee and the company management team including the President.

A copy of the BAYADA Habilitation Strategic Plan through 2017 may be obtained from your local office.

As part of our Strategic Plan, BAYADA Habilitation will:

  • Aim to develop local and national contacts and contracts with the dominant Managed Care Organizations in the various local and national markets.

  • Seek to partner with MCOs in CMS Innovation grant opportunities as they develop for the increased quality of healthcare while showing evidence of reduced cost.

  • Continue relations with state contracting entities and authorities.

  • Continue to use community liaison to gauge any movements away from state contracting model.

  • Work on developing agreements with all potential MCOs that may absorb current state provided services.

  • Continue advocacy of special education programs in Hawaii and expand to do so nationally.

  • Build relationships with charter schools that focus on the education of children with special needs.

Want to talk to a member of the Bayada team?

Contact the office nearest you or call 888-995-0788. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any questions you may have.

Bayada: https://www.bayada.com/

Bayada Habilitation: https://www.bayada.com/services-habilitation.asp

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