Secondary school represents a time of transition into adulthood where students begin the colorful process of exploring and defining their independence. Along with the advanced academic rigor, students face increased exposure to risk behaviors involving sex, alcohol and drugs, all while exploring the boundaries of healthy behavior in developing positive and meaningful relationships. In a time riddled with complicated questions, it's good to know there is someone to turn to.

Secondary Counselors

Sean Landau
Sean Landau

Phone: 808 261-0707 x2324

Email: sean.landau@lejardinacademy.org

Office: Upstairs in the Gym

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Phone: 808 261-0707 x2010

Email: jessica.osborne@lejardinacademy.org

Office: Behind MS/HS Library

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Jessica Osborne
Jessica Osborne

Mission Statement

The counseling team seeks to provide caring, practical support to students as they learn how to navigate the challenges of life, as well as to develop their own path to happiness and wellbeing.

Vision Statement

The goal of the counseling team is to provide a proactive school counseling program that promotes and enhances student learning and wellbeing. By promoting ideas around social and emotional learning the school counseling program will promote and advocate for opportunities that best support students through their educational experience.

Delivery Method

The counseling team will work with students individually, as part of a small group, or through the advisory program. Counseling is provided as a short-term, solution-focused and confidential service that encourages students to identify personal strengths and take responsibility for developing and implementing effective strategies for success and happiness.